Preview of Earth 2160

How many of you have looked at the stunning graphics of some of the latest first-person shooters and wondered “hey, if games can look that good, why don’t they use this technology in other types of games too?”

Well, it looks like Zuxxez / Reality Pump had the same idea in mind when developing their latest real-time strategy game, EARTH 2160. To set the record straight, Earth 2160 is the official sequel of the fairly popular Earth 2140 and Earth 2150 series.

With its massive tech tree, rich story line, customizable armies and awesome 3D eye candy, Earth 2160 looks set to be one of the year’s best RTS titles. Could it be that the new King of Real Time Strategy is finally arriving?
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XGI Announced Driver R1.09.68

Taipei—Dec 19, 2005—XGI Technology Inc., a leading graphics chipset design company, today announced its release of the latest Reactor™ Driver R1.09.68 for the Volari™ series graphics chipsets, Volari V8, Volari V5 and Volari V3XT solutions. Reactor 1.09.68 is packed with the usual added support for new release game titles, extra game play enhancements, and some very special feature for entertainment users. The new driver is available for public download from XGI website at

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Preview of XGI’s Volari 8300 (XG47)

XGI Technology, a graphics processors designer based in Taipei, Taiwan, showcased at CeBIT 2005 its upcoming cards such as the Volari 8300, known under its code-name XG47, designed for value and mobile applications.

Since XGI launched its own branded graphics processors in last year September, XGI has established a well structured distribution plans in just six months. Major well-known partners in various regions included ASK Corporation in Japan, EagleTEC Trading in Europe, D&H Distribution and ASI Corporation in US. Furthermore, XGI’s graphics chips have already been adopted by manufacturers such as Dell, ECS, Chaintech, Club 3D and Link King Electronics Ltd.

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CeBIT 2005 coverage article

CeBIT ranks as the world’s number one event for the IT sector. It is the only trade fair where representatives of business, science, politics and media can see all the latest trends in a single location. XGI is conducting meetings with worldwide buyers at CeBIT and is currently exhibiting the latest Volari™ family graphics solutions to global end-users. Being VolariGamers, we went under cover and managed to snag some info on
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XGI distributes Village Tronic’s VTBook

Thanks to KillBill for sending this in.

HANOVER, Germany and TAIPEI, Taiwan – Village Tronic and XGI announced that XGI Technology is starting distribution of Village Tronic’s unique graphics card for notebook computers: VTBook. Primary focus of XGI will be introducing VTBook into corporate key account and first tier manufacturer markets.

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XGI at CeBIT 2005 Hanover Computer Fair!

XGI Introduces New Generation of PCI Express Graphic Solution at CeBIT 2005

Hannover, Germany, 10th March — XGI™ Technology Inc, a leading graphics solution provider, today announced the new PCI Express graphics solution at CeBIT 2005 exhibition in Hanover, Germany. CeBIT ranks as the world’s number one event for the ICT sector. It is the only trade fair where representatives of buyers, sellers, and media can see all the latest trends in a single location. XGI will announce the 2005 market plans to buyers from all over the world conducted in a face to face interaction at Hall 23, Booth number C35.

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XGI Participates in GDC

XGI Provides the Compatibility Game Program to Synchronize with Game Developers

San Francisco, CA — March 9, 2005 — XGI Technology Inc., a leading graphics solution provider, today announces its Volari PCIE Solution in GDC, Game Developer’s Conference (Booth 431). In this major game event, XGI shares its breakthrough hardware & software technology with worldwide game developers. Furthermore, XGI provides the Compatibility Program to provide all game developers co-develop with XGI on a uniform platform.

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