ATI Set to Acquire XGI Technologies

News X-Bit labs reports :

ATI Technologies, a major supplier of graphics and multimedia processors for personal computers and multimedia applications who recently announced plans to accelerate its acquisitions, may be targeting to buy a minor player of the graphics chip market, XGI Technologies.

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XGI launches new embedded graphics chipsets

XGI has launched their new embedded graphics chipsets for multimedia applications.

- The Volari XP10 features PCI Express X1/X8/X16 interface to support the next generation bus specification. In addition, it has an embedded 3D and video engine which enhances next generation multimedia applications. With XGI’s open source policy, you have your own freedom to decide what you want to design, what you want to make, in the way you want to do.

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New Linux drivers and V8 BIOS

New files have just been added to our Download section :

- New BIOS for the XGI Volari V8 (XGI brand) are available for downlad : the 1.02.48 BIOS for the 128MB V8 and the 1.02.52 BIOS for the 256MB V8. Thanks to Zerotech for these files

- The Linux drivers for the brand new Volari Z9 graphics chip (the driver is also backward compatible with the Volari Z7).

- The Volari 8300 (XG47) Linux driver

XGI Volari 8300 Review

Adrian’s Rojak Pot has written a review of the XGI Volari 8300 graphics card. The reviewed Volari 8300 only had a 64-bit memory bus, making it a competitor to the ATI X300 SE, however the review compared the 8300 to an ATI X300 with 128-bits memory bus.

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New Linux driver

There’s a new driver for Linux (and the source code as well) that has just been released by XGI.

The new 1.04.13 driver for Linux supports Kernel 2.6 and adds 3D functions.

Tyan Launches Dual-Core Single-CPU 1U Server

A number of applications aimed at the 1U server space do not require more than one processor: file serving, small to medium-scale storage, and firewall protection are just some examples. To help meet demands for this market, Tyan is introducing the Tomcat i7230B (S5161), a 1U-optimized rackmount-ready server board with dual-core Intel® Pentium® 4 support, virtualization support, and rich features.

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OCW Readers’ Award 2005

Just saw this at OC Workbench :

This is the 4th year we are running this annual online event. The Readers Awards was created in 2001 to commend on the best of the year. Every year, we run a nomination whereby users can submit the name of the product to be considered for the respective award.
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XGI Volari 8300 Review

The Volari 8300 is XGI’s PCI-Express solution for the value market and boasts a number of attractive features going well beyond competing solutions.

XGI has strived to set the Volari 8300 apart from any card in its price range, and many cards considerably more expensive, by including various video enhancing features that are usually only available in high-end competing products. As a result, the Volari 8300 includes embedded hardware features which are not present in competing products, such as high quality scaling, 3:2 pull-down correction and inverse telecine.

Volari 8300 runs at 300 MHz with its memory running at 600 MHz using a 64-bit interface, just like the Radeon X300 SE HyperMemory and many versions of the GeForce 6200 TurboCache.

Below are some pictures taken from our board sample. This engineering sample uses a “normal-sized” PCB and comes with a small cooling system whereas the final version is expected to be entirely fanless and in low profile format (half the size).
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