CeBIT 2005 coverage article

CeBIT ranks as the world’s number one event for the IT sector. It is the only trade fair where representatives of business, science, politics and media can see all the latest trends in a single location. XGI is conducting meetings with worldwide buyers at CeBIT and is currently exhibiting the latest Volari™ family graphics solutions to global end-users. Being VolariGamers, we went under cover and managed to snag some info on
XGI’s current and next generation cards.

We have put up below some coverage pictures of CeBIT.

Let’s start off with a picture of Creative Labs booth over at CeBIT:

Gigabyte also has a nice lineup of products:

SiS booth:

Let’s take a look at FIC’s booth:

Taking a closer look at FIC’s booth, we can see… an XGI V3 and a V8 :

Now let’s see Club3D’s booth :

Club3D had an interesting lineup of products displayed, including the Club3D Volari series :

Finally, we have some pictures of XGI’s booth :

Last but not least, we have some pictures of the upcoming XG47

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