More XG47 info

Below are the specifications of the upcoming XGI native PCI-Express card, the XG47 (it seems the name of the board would be the Volari 8300):

• CoolPower™ management (7.5 watts maximum dissipation)
• Power supply: 1.0/1.2v, 1.5v, 1.8/2.5v and 3.3v
• 40 million transistors in 0.13um CMOS process
• Standard 696 PBGA package (31mm x 31mm)
• PCI Express Interface
• Up to 300MHz engine and 350MHz memory clock

• Pixel fill rate: 600 million PS-shaded pixels/second and 1.2 billion flat-shaded pixels/second
• Texel processing rate: 4.8 billion texels/second
• 5.6GB/sec memory bandwidth
• Hierachical pixel tiling for page based rendering
• 2×2 pixel pipelines, 4 independent Pixel Shaders and 8 depth/stencil pipelines
• 2 pixels/clock with 8 texel/pixel
• Texture size up to 8Kx8K and non-power of 2
• Bi-linear, tri-linear and anisotropic texture filtering
• High order texture filtering up to 8×8 kernel
• Linear sRGB color format
• MET and MRT
• Floating color buffer (up to 32 bit)
• Floating texture formats (up to 32 bit)
• Full anti-aliasing support for texts, lines, scenes
• Special multi-resolution depth buffer
• Special bandwidth reduction hardware via compression
• Multi-level caches
• Fully OpenGL-compliant blending including fog & depth cueing

• SmartTile Memory Architecture with 64-bit Double-Data Rate (DDR) memory at up to 700 Mbps
• Flexible frame buffer configuration with local memory andshared system memory
• 256 MB frame buffer size

• Four simultaneous outputs: TFT, CRT, DVI and TV out
• Integrated dual-channel LVDS for interface to TFT up to 2048×1576
• Integrated TMDS for interface to DVI up to 1600×1200
• Integrated NTSC/PAL encoder up to 1024×768
• 420 MHz RAMDAC for CRT up to 2048×1536

Design for MCE Platform
• Low Power Design : Fan-less Solution
• 3:2 Pull-Down for Movies
• LCD Overdrive
• State-of-the-art pixel based motion and edge adaptive de-interlace
• 3:2 pull down for film mode recovery
• Motion and object based adaptive edge smoothing
• Special hardware for Ultra Clear TFT LCD image quality
• Supports HDTV resolution up to 1080i
• TrueVideo® provides cubical interpolation with edge recovery
• Microsoft’s DirectX Video Acceleration (DXVA)
• Includes both Motion Compensation and IDCT hardware
• Real-time playback (30 fps) of 9.8 Mbps MPEG-2 video bitstream

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