XGI Participates in GDC

XGI Provides the Compatibility Game Program to Synchronize with Game Developers

San Francisco, CA — March 9, 2005 — XGI Technology Inc., a leading graphics solution provider, today announces its Volari PCIE Solution in GDC, Game Developer’s Conference (Booth 431). In this major game event, XGI shares its breakthrough hardware & software technology with worldwide game developers. Furthermore, XGI provides the Compatibility Program to provide all game developers co-develop with XGI on a uniform platform.

“The gaming marketing is growing rapidly worldwide. Along with this growth are the investments in the correlated hardware and software industries. 3D Technology in Game Development is especially fast growing. The Compatibility Program we have developed is a fully supportive system that will empower the game developers to develop on XGI technology,” said Jer-Yuan Yan, the Business Development Manager of XGI. “Working closely with game developers, we will strategically provide product testing and pre-testing and provide development supports. We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship between game developers and XGI.”

In GDC, XGI will showcase its new PCI Express Product XG47 which supports Pixel Shader 2.0 and has the virtual memory technology of eXtreme Cache; XG47 will be officially released in Q2 of 2005. XGI will showcase the following hot games with Volari V8: NBA Life 2005, Flat Out, Vampire: The Masquerade Bloodlines, FIFA Soccer 2005. XGI technology provides the gamers and game developers the perfect 3D cinematic effects, mature graphic processing technology, and smooth & flicker-free gaming effects.

XGI, in GDC, introduces the Compatibility Program to the worldwide game developers. XGI showcases Volari V8, Volari V3, and Volari V3XT graphic cards for compatibility tests. Furthermore, XGI will have the newest preview of new products XG45 & XG47 (PCIE Solutions). To support the Compatibility Program, XGI has launched its game developer’s website (developer.xgitech.com), to help developers innovate games that are fully compatible with XGI technology; the site supports include Quest3D, ShaderWorks XT, Mad F/X 1.0, advanced graphics technology documentation, XGI’s source code applications, EzShader development tool, programming guides, Beta Drivers, Developer Forums, and other updated programs.

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