Clubedohardware’s Volari V8 Review

Just noticed that the Portugese website Clubedohardware has done a review of the single chip XGI Volari V8 card using the driver 1.04.51.
The card was compared to the 9800XT, 9800 Pro, 5950 Ultra, 5900XT, 5700 Ultra, 9800SE, 9600XT, 9600 Pro, GF4 Ti 4200, 5600, GF4 MX 460, 5500, 5200, MX 4000, 9600 SE and GF2 GTS under 3DMark2001 SE, 3DMark03 build 340, Aquamark 3, Quake III and X2 – The Threat.

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X-Gen Shader Programming Column

The second X-Gen Shader Programming Article by Wolfgang Engelis is now available on XGI’s Developper website and is dedicated to Gradient Intrinsics. Wolfgang Engel is the author of “Programming Vertex and Pixel Shaders” (published by Charles River) and the editor of ShaderX book series.

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Site update coming soon

As some of you may know, we are currently working on an update to the site. We will upgrade the current forum system to PHPBB2. PhpBB 2 will be a major update over Invision Power Board which is currently used and we’re looking forward to what it has to offer. We have been testing the upgrade, and we expect to complete it at the beginning of next week. As a result, the forum is currently off line, so as not to interfere with our update.
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Site update info

As you can notice, we have just upgraded our forum to run on PHPBB 2 and have also adopted a new and unified site design.

As promised, this update brings an exciting range of new features to the site, such as the photo album, instant messenging, etc.

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XGI at CeBIT : Part 4

In Day 4 of our Cebit coverage, we look more closely at the Volari range of products displayed at CeBIT and well as some behind the scenes picture. We also manage to get some pictures of a yet unannounced Volari product, the upcoming Volari V5 XT.

The Volari Duo V8 Ultra with DDR-II memory

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XGI at CeBIT : Part 3

In Day 3 of our Cebit coverage, we look more into XGI’s gaming area as well as the sales/media area to see what’s up. We also have the first photo of the upcoming XGI Volari V3 XT board.

An XGI speaker is talking about XGI’s exciting new products over at the Abit booth which is packed with people

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Club-3D Joins XGI As Partner

XGI Technology Inc. announced that Club-3D a leading supplier in Graphic Card Adapters has chosen XGI’s Volari graphic processors for its all new series of products. By early December, whole XGI Volari series products will be available throughout the European market manufactured by Club-3D.

Recently announced from XGI headquarters in Taipei, Taiwan, this next-generation 3D graphics processor family brings the latest DirectX 9.0 graphics features and image quality to users across the entire performance spectrum, while delivering real values to high-end, mainstream and entry-level desktop market segments alike.

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