XGI at CeBIT : Part 4

In Day 4 of our Cebit coverage, we look more closely at the Volari range of products displayed at CeBIT and well as some behind the scenes picture. We also manage to get some pictures of a yet unannounced Volari product, the upcoming Volari V5 XT.

The Volari Duo V8 Ultra with DDR-II memory

Also featured is the Volari Duo V8 Ultra with DDR memory

Single chip Volari V8 Ultra board

Volari Duo V5

The yet unannounced Volari V5 XT was exposed at CeBIT as well. It fully supports DirectX 9 and it has been tweaked compared to the original Volari V5

And now a closeup picture of the board

There were also some Volari partner boxes exposed at the booth – look out for them at a store near you

Ralph Cheng, Worldwide Sales VP at XGI, is introducing the Volari products to a customer

Looks like we are in the middle of a sales meeting

CP is with a press representative

Ralph and Jeryuan are having a meeting with a customer

Gavin Yen, Technical Marketing Manager at XGI, is introducing the Volari Duo boards to a customer

Benson is explaing the unique Volari product features to a customer

Let’s end off today’s tour of XGI’s booth at CeBIT with some pictures of the gaming area

Some people are playing Prince of Persia


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