XGI at CeBIT : Part 3

In Day 3 of our Cebit coverage, we look more into XGI’s gaming area as well as the sales/media area to see what’s up. We also have the first photo of the upcoming XGI Volari V3 XT board.

An XGI speaker is talking about XGI’s exciting new products over at the Abit booth which is packed with people

Some People are also taking some photos of the Volari Duo board

There are quite a number of games available at XGI’s gaming area to play with. A crowd is already gathered watching the live demo of FIFA 2004 on the DUO

Here is a closeup picture of FIFA 2004 at the Volari gaming area

Others are playing Max Payne 2

Prince of Persia : Sands of Time is also available to play at XGI’s stand

The upcoming Volari V3 XT (entry level, complete DX9 solution) was also showcased at XGI’s booth. Notice the small size of the card

Some people are discussing about the new Volari Duo

Hmm… Looks like we are in the middle of a sales meeting

CP Lin, XGI’s Media Contact, is posing for a picture with a press representative

Let’s finish off with a closeup picture of CP with the press representative

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