Site update coming soon

As some of you may know, we are currently working on an update to the site. We will upgrade the current forum system to PHPBB2. PhpBB 2 will be a major update over Invision Power Board which is currently used and we’re looking forward to what it has to offer. We have been testing the upgrade, and we expect to complete it at the beginning of next week. As a result, the forum is currently off line, so as not to interfere with our update.
I wanted to prepare many of you for this upgrade. This update is going to introduce many exciting changes to the site. For instance, we are working on a new and improved private discussion system between members, a feature many of you have been requesting lately.

The update will not only be limited to the forums, the whole site will be affected as a result. In fact, this news post will probably be the last posted with the current portal system. It will simply no longer be like the current site.

We will soon put in place what we have been working on for a long time. I will keep you posted on the update status.

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