XGI at CeBIT : Part 5

You asked for it and here it is! We’ve got some high res pics of the Volari series from ABIT, Chaintech and Amigo available (56k beware!) as well as pictures of the new game titles displayed at XGI’s gaming area.

ABIT Volari Duo

ABIT Volari V8 Ultra

XGI is showcasing the latest FIFA 2004 on a Athlon 64 processor

Here is an open case demonstration of the AMD 64-bit system

Amigo’s Volari Duo – notice the nice looking fan system

Amigo’s Volari V3

Amigo’s Volari V8

Chaintech’s Volari V5

Club3D’s upcoming Volari V3 solution (fanless card)

Club3D’s Volari V8

XGI Volari Duo V5 – notice the dual screen feature is at work here

A guy playing Prince of Persia on the Volari V5

Some people are taking pictures of the new Volari series

Some free gifts were also available at XGI’s booth

A 3D Mark 2001 SE demo on a Volari V3 system

The upcoming game Breed was also showcased on the Volari V3 XT

People playing the game Painkille

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