Splinter Cell Chaos Theory Preview

I’m sure most of you already heard of Sam Fischer : the Splinter Cell series is probably one of the most popular action games out there as it has litterally catapulted stealth gaming to one of the most popular genres.

Well, Ubi Soft has developed the third installment of this stealth action series. Splinter Cell: Chaos Theory is due to release in March of this year and looks set to live up to the Splinter Cell reputation for being one of the most innovative stealth action gaming series on the market.

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XgiEdit v1.0 released

Merry Xmas 2005 to all our readers !

Our friends from MVKTECH have come up with a special gift on this very special day : XgiEdit, the only user friendly BIOS tweaker designed for XGI graphics cards. This is a Windows Utility to modify/update your own XGI BIOS of your XGI based graphics card.

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Interview with Danny Lee from XGI

First of all, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Danny Lee & I am the new Corporate Marketing Manager with XGI. I am handling media relations, corporate branding, & all corporate marketing related activities.

Could you please give us a brief overview of XGI’s current products and how are they positioned against competing products?

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Volari V8 Preview & China Product Launch sneak-peak

This Thursday, to be precise September 16 at 14:00, XGI will be organising a big event at the Beijing State Guest Hotels in China : XGI will be officially launching the Volari product line in China.

We had the opportunity to learn about some of the products that will be unveiled to the Chinese market and wanted to let you have a sneak peak at what will be showcased. It also is the occasion for us to look more in detail at the Volari cards, especially the Volari V8 model.

XGI Technology’s product line consists of three discrete GPUs : the Volari V8, the Volari V5 (both of which are also available in a higher-clocked ‘ultra’ version) and the Volari V3 entry-level desktop GPU (which is available in two flavours : V3 and V3XT).

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Preview of World of Warcraft Stress Test Beta

No massively multiplayer game has yet succeeded in matching the success of the popular EverQuest by Sony Online, but if anyone can steal the crown, it’s Blizzard. The company has produced hit after hit and its Warcraft and Diablo series are still being played worldwide by millions of gamers. We had the opportunity to try out the Stress Test Beta of World of Warcraft and wanted to share with our readers the latest developments.

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XGI Volari V3 XT Preview

Many of us get excited when hearing about cutting edge graphics cards, but let’s face it: performance and whiz bang features are pretty nice, but the majority of consumers simply will not swallow the high price tag that comes with it. The sales volume are actuallly in the low end region of the market, and that is why cards like the Radeon 9200 SE or GeforceMX still sell very well though they lack many important features.
Today we take a look at what XGI has to offer for the value market. The Volari V3 XT sports some pretty nifty features such as full DirectX 9 and native HDTV support (!!), making it rather unique as to my knowledge no other value card fully supports HDTV.

The Volari V3 XT card comes equipped with 128MB of DDR memory. The V3XT GPU is clocked at 250Mhz. Let’s take a look first at the specifications of the card then get right into it..
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Alpha Black Zero Hands-On

Alpha Black Zero is a fast-paced mission based 3rd person tactical shooter with a gripping storyline to test both your fighting abilities and your intelligence. Dozens of different enemies, all possessing strong Artificial intelligence, will punish your mistakes across huge and challenging levels.

We were lucky enough to be allowed to play a test version of the game and were very impressed with what we saw…

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Saga of Ryzom Preview

I’m sure many of you know of ‘MMORPG’ (Massively Multiplayer Online Role-Playing Game) such as Everquest, Dark Age of Camelot, Star Wars Galaxies, etc.
These are game universes that can be explored and experienced by tens of thousands of players simultaneously. Play with your friends and family, and explore and experience a mysterious world together for the first time.

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Download section open

Finally! After a rather long process, we are pleased to announce the Download section is now back! There are now 3 catagories in the Download section : Patches (Game patches for XGI cards), Volari BIOS 3 as well as XGI product Documentation.

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