Download section open

Finally! After a rather long process, we are pleased to announce the Download section is now back! There are now 3 catagories in the Download section : Patches (Game patches for XGI cards), Volari BIOS 3 as well as XGI product Documentation.

Available for download now is XGI’s product Documentation for the Volari V8, V5 and V3, an Age of Mythology patch for Volari users as well as new Volari BIOS.
We also have the XGI Winflash available for download as well as the 1.00.15 BIOS for Volari Series (I’ve included this BIOS to the Download section since some users have been requesting it).

Last, but not least, we are glad to announce that we have the latest Volari BIOS 1.02.20 available for download – this BIOS supports the whole Volari Series, including the latest V3XT. Check out our download section to find out the bugs fixed and what is new in this new BIOS.

You can go to the Download section through the link in the Navigation Menu of the site or by clicking on the following link:

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