XgiEdit v1.0 released

Merry Xmas 2005 to all our readers !

Our friends from MVKTECH have come up with a special gift on this very special day : XgiEdit, the only user friendly BIOS tweaker designed for XGI graphics cards. This is a Windows Utility to modify/update your own XGI BIOS of your XGI based graphics card.

MVKTech has just released the first version of XGI BIOS Editor (XgiEdit) software. XgiEdit is the original and definitive BIOS tweaker that supports the latest XGI graphics cards. XgiEdit allows graphics card enthusiasts to have full control over advanced features and functionality found on firmware on supporting cards. This to gain some extra performance, enable hidden features and extra stability on the XGI graphics cards.

Now to get extra support added we need from everyone owning a XGI based graphics card the Original BIOS… So we need your help to improve the features and supported BIOS’s in this tool.

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