XGI Volari 8300 Review

The Volari 8300 is XGI’s PCI-Express solution for the value market and boasts a number of attractive features going well beyond competing solutions.

XGI has strived to set the Volari 8300 apart from any card in its price range, and many cards considerably more expensive, by including various video enhancing features that are usually only available in high-end competing products. As a result, the Volari 8300 includes embedded hardware features which are not present in competing products, such as high quality scaling, 3:2 pull-down correction and inverse telecine.

Volari 8300 runs at 300 MHz with its memory running at 600 MHz using a 64-bit interface, just like the Radeon X300 SE HyperMemory and many versions of the GeForce 6200 TurboCache.

Below are some pictures taken from our board sample. This engineering sample uses a “normal-sized” PCB and comes with a small cooling system whereas the final version is expected to be entirely fanless and in low profile format (half the size).
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Preview of XGI’s Volari 8300 (XG47)

XGI Technology, a graphics processors designer based in Taipei, Taiwan, showcased at CeBIT 2005 its upcoming cards such as the Volari 8300, known under its code-name XG47, designed for value and mobile applications.

Since XGI launched its own branded graphics processors in last year September, XGI has established a well structured distribution plans in just six months. Major well-known partners in various regions included ASK Corporation in Japan, EagleTEC Trading in Europe, D&H Distribution and ASI Corporation in US. Furthermore, XGI’s graphics chips have already been adopted by manufacturers such as Dell, ECS, Chaintech, Club 3D and Link King Electronics Ltd.

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CeBIT 2005 coverage article

CeBIT ranks as the world’s number one event for the IT sector. It is the only trade fair where representatives of business, science, politics and media can see all the latest trends in a single location. XGI is conducting meetings with worldwide buyers at CeBIT and is currently exhibiting the latest Volari™ family graphics solutions to global end-users. Being VolariGamers, we went under cover and managed to snag some info on
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Interview with Danny Lee from XGI

First of all, could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

My name is Danny Lee & I am the new Corporate Marketing Manager with XGI. I am handling media relations, corporate branding, & all corporate marketing related activities.

Could you please give us a brief overview of XGI’s current products and how are they positioned against competing products?

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Volari V8 Preview & China Product Launch sneak-peak

This Thursday, to be precise September 16 at 14:00, XGI will be organising a big event at the Beijing State Guest Hotels in China : XGI will be officially launching the Volari product line in China.

We had the opportunity to learn about some of the products that will be unveiled to the Chinese market and wanted to let you have a sneak peak at what will be showcased. It also is the occasion for us to look more in detail at the Volari cards, especially the Volari V8 model.

XGI Technology’s product line consists of three discrete GPUs : the Volari V8, the Volari V5 (both of which are also available in a higher-clocked ‘ultra’ version) and the Volari V3 entry-level desktop GPU (which is available in two flavours : V3 and V3XT).

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XGI Volari V3 XT Preview

Many of us get excited when hearing about cutting edge graphics cards, but let’s face it: performance and whiz bang features are pretty nice, but the majority of consumers simply will not swallow the high price tag that comes with it. The sales volume are actuallly in the low end region of the market, and that is why cards like the Radeon 9200 SE or GeforceMX still sell very well though they lack many important features.
Today we take a look at what XGI has to offer for the value market. The Volari V3 XT sports some pretty nifty features such as full DirectX 9 and native HDTV support (!!), making it rather unique as to my knowledge no other value card fully supports HDTV.

The Volari V3 XT card comes equipped with 128MB of DDR memory. The V3XT GPU is clocked at 250Mhz. Let’s take a look first at the specifications of the card then get right into it..
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XGI at CeBIT : Part 4

In Day 4 of our Cebit coverage, we look more closely at the Volari range of products displayed at CeBIT and well as some behind the scenes picture. We also manage to get some pictures of a yet unannounced Volari product, the upcoming Volari V5 XT.

The Volari Duo V8 Ultra with DDR-II memory

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XGI at CeBIT : Part 3

In Day 3 of our Cebit coverage, we look more into XGI’s gaming area as well as the sales/media area to see what’s up. We also have the first photo of the upcoming XGI Volari V3 XT board.

An XGI speaker is talking about XGI’s exciting new products over at the Abit booth which is packed with people

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