The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is an important industry event that blends the art of game design with the business of getting those games published, and also a place where new technologies and game development tools are unveiled to the development community.

We have put up below some coverage pictures of the GDC with pictures from various IHV stands : XGI, nVidia, ATI, S3 Graphics, AMD, Intel, Nokia and Sony.

Let’s start off with XGI’s stand – XGI was showcasing their range of Volari boards at GDC

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XGI at CeBIT : Part 6

In our concluding Cebit coverage article, we take a final look at ABIT’s Volari presentations as well as XGI’s booth. We also managed to get some exclusive pictures of XGI’s next-generation PCI-Express graphics solution which was unveiled at CeBIT 2004.

A Business Development meeting. Jeryuan Yan, Business Development Manager at XGI, has been conducting meetings with game developers since the beginning of CeBIT and discussing future trends of gaming technology

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XGI at CEBIT: Part 2

We have posted yesterday some coverage pictures of XGI’s booth over at CeBIT on Day 1. Today we will look more closely at the boards from XGI’s AIC partners present at CeBIT: Abit, Chaintech, Amigo Image and Club3D.

ABIT Volari series

ABIT has a whole new lineup based on the XGI Volari series : the Volari Duo V8 Ultra, the Volari V8 Ultra and the Volari V8.

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CeBIT ranks as the world’s number one event for the ICT sector. It is the only trade fair where representatives of business, science, politics and media can see all the latest trends in a single location. XGI is conducting meetings with worldwide buyers at CeBIT and is currently exhibiting the latest Volariā„¢ family graphics solutions to global end-users at Hall 23, Booth C33.

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Interview with professional gamer mYm

How does it feel like to be a professional gamer, some people ask. Is it really a dream too good to be true?

VolariGamers had the chance to catch up with Corey (also known as mYm|coRey), who is well known for his real time strategy prowess and is one of the few true professional gamers. Corey recently won the Danish Acon4 LAN finals and got the second place in the Scandinavian Acon4 finals. He will as a result represent Denmark at the ACON4 Finals in Shanghai, China.

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A quick test of the Volari V8

Not enough money for the latest high end cards? No problem! XGI has launched a complete range of graphic card solutions, which range from the high end to the low end, without forgetting the mainstream market. We’ll be examining the mainstream model, the XGI Volari V8 Ultra, in this preview. One important thing to note is that this is the single chip version of the V8 Ultra, and must therefore not be taken for the high end V8 Ultra Duo model which has two GPUs (double the horsepower). Does the Volari V8 Ultra really provide more power for less cost? Read more to find out.

Let us first examine the specifications of the Volari V8. The Volari V8 tested is clocked at 348Mhz and uses 128MB of DDR memory also clocked at 348Mhz. This figure is subject to change of course as manufacturers are always free to choose between DDR and DDRII memory and can modify the clock speeds of both the GPU and memory. The model tested is an XGI Volari V8 Ultra Reference Board (Rev00).
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