XGI Volari 8300 Review

Adrian’s Rojak Pot has written a review of the XGI Volari 8300 graphics card. The reviewed Volari 8300 only had a 64-bit memory bus, making it a competitor to the ATI X300 SE, however the review compared the 8300 to an ATI X300 with 128-bits memory bus.

Its only saving grace, as far as graphics is concerned, is its DVD playback quality. As XGI claimed, it is truly superior to what NVIDIA and ATI can offer.

In conclusion, the XGI Volari 8300 will best serve as a cheap graphics card for use in entry-level HTPCs where its comparatively superior anti-aliasing will be an advantage. It will also work great for business PCs, especially if the price is really low. But if you intend to play 3D graphics-intensive games, even low-end cards like the ATI Radeon X300 are far superior solutions.

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