CeBIT ranks as the world’s number one event for the ICT sector. It is the only trade fair where representatives of business, science, politics and media can see all the latest trends in a single location. XGI is conducting meetings with worldwide buyers at CeBIT and is currently exhibiting the latest Volariā„¢ family graphics solutions to global end-users at Hall 23, Booth C33.

We have put up below some coverage pictures of XGI’s stand over at CeBIT on Day 1.

Let’s start off with a picture of XGI’s booth over at CeBIT:

XGI is showcasing the new Athlon 64 processor on their stand. Here is an open case demonstration of the AMD 64-bit :

The Volari V5 Duo is also being displayed at XGI’s stand. Here is a picture of the dual screen mode on the Volari Duo V5 :

People getting together in front of a live demo area. Notice Club3D’s booth is just behind.

Some people playing the FIFA 2004 game on Volari at the gaming area :

An XGI speaker is talking about XGI’s new products over at the Abit booth :

People are admiring XGI’s new line of products at a static product area. Boards from manufacturers such as Club3D, Powercolor, Abit and Chaintech are displayed along with their boxes:

Demo the latest games at XGI’s booth (Prince of Persia : Sands of Time, Max Payne 2, etc.) :

A big thanks goes to WW for making this article possible.

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