XGI Volari™ XP5 Mobile Solution

XGI™ Technology, Inc. today announces that Transmeta Efficeon Processor is the perfect match with its new energy efficient graphics processors for mobile graphic solution.

“XGI offers a strong value proposition to our customers that is a perfect match with Transmeta’s new Efficeon Processor”, said Chris Lin, president, XGI Technology, Incorporated, “Efficeon will enable the next generation of exciting notebook designs, including ultra portable notebooks that are attractive to the user. Our XP5 product line is an ideal companion, offering satisfying performance while delivering energy efficiency for cool operation and long battery life.”

Specially designed for mobile graphic solution, CoolPower is XGI proprietary power management technology for reducing both active and standby power consumption of the XP5 graphic processor to a minimum. Cooperated with Transmeta’s new Efficeon Processor, XGI’ XP5 mobile graphic solution employs a combination of software and hardware techniques which permit the end-user to select either highest performance or longest battery life while running their applications of interest.

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