XGI’s 1st press conference

Taipei, September 15, 2003 — XGI Technology Inc, a high-end graphics chipsets supplier, is holding its first ever press conference to officially announce the establishment of XGI corporation and to introducing its 1st generation products.

XGI introduced the new chairman of the board and the president; Mr. Louis Chien and Mr. Chris Lin. Mr. Chien is currently the special assistant to the chairman of Silicon Integrated System and also board member of other public companies; his broad experience in Financial Management and International Business operation, combining with the knowledge in managing electronic related business will support

XGI in managing the capital requirement for developing the next generation high-end graphics processors. On the technology side, XGI president, Mr. Chris Lin, has been involved in the research and development of graphics processors for more than 10 years and has in-depth knowledge in ASIC design technology, 3D architecture and wafer process trend.

Headquartered in Taipei with sales and customer support team, XGI is close to all AIC partners and will offer in-time support for all customers. With R&D facilities located in HsinChu, XGI is in the center of wafer manufacturing receive the most up-to-date wafer process information.
Today, XGI has announced a full family, top to bottom graphics product both in the discrete desktop graphics and mobile graphics market.
In the near term, XGI will focus in providing competitive products with high quality service to all partners to ensure maximum market exposure and brand awareness. In addition, as a competitive graphics provider, XGI will not initial price war and will focus in developing innovative product with revolutionized architecture.

About XGI Technology
XGI Technology Inc., originated from eXtreme Graphics Innovation, was founded in June 2003 and is headquartered in Taipei Taiwan. XGI is a leading visual computing and GPU design company. Its core management team is made up from a wide range of industry leading expertise who came from such as SiS (TSE:2363), and Trident (Nasdaq:TRID). With this combination of experiences in 3D GPU and visual computing industry, XGI aims to deliver a powerful and feature-packed GPU performance to enrich the user experience. Coming from the former SiS Multimedia Product Division and Trident Graphic Division, XGI has positioned itself as a Fabless IC design company. It offers a full range of video solution for Professional, Entertainment and now Mobile usage. XGI’s business model is to provide complete video solutions, from GPU to video bridge and video processors, to customers worldwide and ultimately integrate XGI solutions to be part of the everyday lifestyle.

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