XGI Volari V8 article & Volari V8 Ultra BIOS

The website GamerGod, dedicated to MMORPG gamimg, has posted an article on the XGI Volari V8 card :

No doubt this is one of the best cards in the market with performance and great functionality. Another thing to note about this card here is that this is also a silent card. I am using this card for about 2 weeks now and I am pretty satisfied with it. There are problems with 1.08 WHQL drivers and I would advise not to use it. Besides that the card is great and has true potential. With HDTV Support, the card really stands out.

MVKTech lets us know that they have just posted a new review on the XGI Volari V8 AGP graphics card.

Here’s a snip :
“XGI offers mainstream features combined with the best possible value. How does this value apply and at what levels? While the gamers hold a substantial amount of the market share, XGI has quietly secured the corporate market needs from enterprise wide environments to educational and governmental establishments, effectively solidifying relations with mega manufacturers right on down to local establishments with cost effective solutions that span the world.”

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