Networking Server Motherboards with Volari Z7

Some interesting news coming from Gigabyte… Gigabyte’s new server/workstation board will be powered by a Volari Z7 graphics solution.

Gigbyte’s GA-5EXSH-RH (1.0) Specifications :
- Fully integrate with Mukilteo-2 + ICH7R + PXH-V chip
- Support single Intel® Pentium 4/Pentium D process with Intel Mukilteo-2 chipset
- Maximum 8GB ECC un-buffered DDR2 533/667
- One PCI-E x 8 ,two PCI-X 100MHz and one PCI 33MHz slot
- Full-Length PCI card support
- XGI® Volari Z7 with 16MB VRAM
- Intel® software RAID 0,1,10,5(Windows only)
- Dual Intel® 82573 GbE controls
- Optional IPMI 2.0 module with GSMT
- Support on board four SATA connector
- VIA daughter card GC-SAS01-RH(LSI SAS 1068) for SAS function
- Standard FDD x 1 and IDE x 1 connector
- Box-Header x 2 for USB port extension

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