The Game Developers Conference (GDC) is an important industry event that blends the art of game design with the business of getting those games published, and also a place where new technologies and game development tools are unveiled to the development community.

We have put up below some coverage pictures of the GDC with pictures from various IHV stands : XGI, nVidia, ATI, S3 Graphics, AMD, Intel, Nokia and Sony.

Let’s start off with XGI’s stand – XGI was showcasing their range of Volari boards at GDC

The game Breed was demoed on the Volari V8 Ultra card

Here’s a closeup picture of Breed on Volari V8

Halo was also being displayed on Volari

Halo running on a Volari Duo V8 Ultra

nVidia had some conferences going on at GDC

Quadro FX

Laptops at nVidia’s stand

Handhelds using the GoForce

ATI’s booth

Lock On : Modern Air Combat presentation at ATI’s booth

S3 Graphics’ booth

The new Athlon64 FX processor is being showcased at AMD’s booth

Far Cry on Athlon 64

Intel’s booth

The Nokia N-GAGE was also showcased at GDC

Tiger Woods PGA Tour for N-Gage was one of the games displayed at GDC

Closeup picture of the N-Gage

Sony presenting their Playstation 2 and PSP consoles

A big thanks goes to WW once again for making this article possible.

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