XGI at CEBIT: Part 2

We have posted yesterday some coverage pictures of XGI’s booth over at CeBIT on Day 1. Today we will look more closely at the boards from XGI’s AIC partners present at CeBIT: Abit, Chaintech, Amigo Image and Club3D.

ABIT Volari series

ABIT has a whole new lineup based on the XGI Volari series : the Volari Duo V8 Ultra, the Volari V8 Ultra and the Volari V8.

Abit Volari Duo V8 Ultra :
Equipped with Dual Volari™ V8 Ultra GPUs and high quality components, the ABIT Volari Duo V8 Ultra is the world’s first dual DX9 graphics solution, featuring dual graphics processors, 16 on-board rendering pipelines, and support for the latest Direct®X9.0 and OpenGL1.4 specifications. Dominate your game with the ABIT Volari Duo V8 Ultra graphic card.

XGI Volari™ Duo V8 Ultra 256-bit 3D Graphics Accelerator
GPU Clock: 350MHz
0.13µ Process Technology
256MB DDR Memory
Fill-rate 5.7 Gp/sec
Industry’s fastest 400MHz RAMDACs support QXGA Displays with Ultra-high, Ergonomic Refresh Rates
XGI BitFluent Protocol™ raises the bar for the gaming industry by sharing workload between dual GPUs
XGI BroadBahn™ Memory Architecture effectively doubles the amount of data flowing to and from the DRAM, optimizing 3D rendering, image processing and media streaming
XGI V-Drive™ ratchets up processing power in perfectly timed response to computational demands, effortlessly delivering full frame graphics with flawless execution
XGI Cipher™ Video Processor converts both incoming and outgoing video feeds, ensuring that all your videos are displayed with the highest possible on-screen quality
XGI ColorAmp™ Engine analyzes on-screen environments and automatically optimizes color intensity and gamma levels to provide the most accurate on-screen color and display brightness
XGI Intelli-Vision™ Engine makes calculated adjustments to display brightness when entering 3D mode
XGI Reactor™ Unified Driver allows an advanced level of processor-tuning that easily meets the demands of today’s avid gamers

The card looks even nicer with its coolers :

ABIT has come up with a nifty design for the card’s box. As you can see, the card comes bundled with PowerDVD 5:

That’s not all, Abit also has in store two single chips version of the Volari V8 GPU, the Volari V8 Ultra and Volari V8.

Abit Volari V8 Ultra :
Combining phenomenal graphics performance with blazingly fast processor speed and high quality components, the ABIT Volari V8 Ultra graphic card delivers performance that the hardcore gamer demands. With 8 rendering pipelines and 128MB of DDR memory, the ABIT Volari V8 Ultra combines power and flexibility for today’s cutting edge mainstream desktop PC.

Most of the features are of course the same as the Duo version, so I will just list here the features which are different :

XGI Volari™ V8 Ultra 256-bit 3D Graphics Accelerator
GPU Clock: 350MHz
0.13µ Process Technology
128MB DDR Memory
Fill-rate 2.8 Gp/sec
Industry’s fastest 400MHz RAMDACs support QXGA Displays with Ultra-high, Ergonomic Refresh Rates

The box design is just as cool as for the Duo, see for yourself :

Chaintech Volari series
Chaintech is also displaying their new range of Volari boards at their booth. In fact, a big XGI poster is displayed at Chaintech’s booth :
There is a Volari board from Chaintech sitting in a nice case
Chaintech’s Volari V8 solution with its fan looks pretty cool

Amigo Image Volari series
Amigo Image (Amigo Technology Co, LTD) is a hardware manufacturer based in Taiwan. Their new range of graphics cards include the Volari solutions. Let’s start off with their booth
You can see they have quite a number of products on show
Amigo’s Volari Duo V8 Ultra solution is showcased at their stand
The Amigo Volari V8 is also being displayed
Amigo also has a fanless Volari V3 solution in store

Club3D Volari series
Club3D’s booth
The Club3D Volari V8 Ultra Duo is of course being displayed
What is interesting is that Club3D seems to be preparing a Volari V3 board. Notice the cool, fanless design

XGI’s booth
Let’s finish off with some pictures of XGI’s booth
Some people are playing FIFA 2004 on Volari at the gaming area
The new Athlon 64 processor is being showcased at XGI’s stand, allowing users to have a live demonstration of 64-bit gaming
Now let’s take a closer look at the case
It looks like XGI’s Media Contact is in the middle of a meeting
Well, that’s it, for today.
A big thanks goes to WW once again for making this article possible.

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