The Inquirer talks with XGI

The Inquirer talked with XGI over at Computex. Here’s a quote :

THE YOUTHFUL CEO of XGI, CP Lin, outlined his firm’s strategy to the INQUIRER here this morning. And it’s an interesting one, we believe, which might shake up the current grip ATI and Nvidia have on the graphics market.

He said that XGI, which spun off as a separate company in June/July of this year, is focusing on developing technology for the graphics card market, and has two R&D teams which work in parallel on product ideas. It’s currently got 300 people working for it, and he said that of those people, 87% were involved in R&D, design and the like.
Lin said that the dual process on the two high end reference cards allow two frames to be processed at once. That results in a performance figure of around 1.7 – having the two chips yoked together, each processing its own frames and its own memory. People building and branding its boards can choose from DDR and DDR2.

XGI is developing a custom chip – the XB306 – which will support PCI Express by taking a bus bridge approach. While PCI Express will eventually supplant AGP, Lin thought that process would take around a year.
He said that XGI has not yet set prices for the range of cards it offers – but they’ll be set around the same as ATI, spread through a range from the high to the low end.

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