XGI Volari V8 Game stable and performance

Q: donbshardware Lurker
Hello everyone!
This is my first post by VolariGamers and I hope u don’t laugh about me and my English!
I try my best but … German is a so much better language!?!
Ok here is my question: I have buy my first XGI Graphic card and I’m very curious on it!

I’ve purchase the XGI Volari V8 with 128MB. The Card is not for myself but is the replacement for a NVIDIA Geforce MX 460  in my brothers PC.
He is the guy which want to play and the rest is my problem. And problem is the right word to explain this! His PC Only runs solid if an NVIDIA is in there! I have buy three ATI Graphic cards 4 his PC (an Radeon 9500pro, 9000pro, 9200SE  ) and always I want to test it, with 3D Mark 2001SE or other benches it hangs up. This is mysterious, because I’m a hardware dealer and I have a many experience with PCs and its problems. However this PC is bewitch with other cards like NVIDIA.

So I hope that die XGI runs great on this very special thing!

I’ve download the 1.08 WHQL driver from the XGI page and use this to install it! I’ve not find a newer one, but its already over a few months old! Does anyone of u know when the next Driver releases?

I will send u anyway the Bench-Scores from the 460 and the V8!

Now a question to u an your experience by some games.

My brother play this games the most time:

Need for Speed Underground 2, The Sims 2, World of Warcraft (all @ the newest version | I have patched it )

How are running this games by u? Any problems? And do u think that the V8 bring my brother better/good performance by this games?

I’m glad to hear your opinion and answers!

Thank u all! And on a good manhole in this very interesting Forum!

MFG Stephan

A: KillBill Elite Driver Tweaker
If you get bad preformance flash your Bios to the “Xtreme Lite” Bios.

A: performa Junior Member
You can find newest drivers on the Lian Guan / Link King site at


Don’t worry, it is Chinese Wink
They are sometimes newer than the ones on the XGItech site.
Watch out for newer drivers, I think they are making more progress from revision to revision, compared to nVidia/ATI. To be true, XGI probably has/had some more room for improvements than these two..
In fact, I also had compatibility problems with my ATI card and the ATI Control Center (or what it is called anyway) did not work – on a fresh install of Windows + mainboard drivers!
nVIDIA or XGI worked well.

TC answer:
I think I’ve find a newer version of the Reactor driver at the German website of XGI Tech.
here is the download link:
And your link to die Chinese website of the manufacturer can be switch to English!
Than I can read it much better! Cool
Now I have a question to die BIOS update for the V8. Where can I find a new bios?
And how must I update it? Whit a special program? In windows or DOS?
And has anyone experience with the new BIOS on a V8? Must I use a Special bios from the manufacturer or is it for every Volari V8?
Oh I’m sorry for so many questions but I’m so a Xgi noob! Mad2
Thank u for your answers!

A: Spuk0 Member
The Volari V8 is a good card overall… there can still be much improvement. In my opinion they are about a year too late in performance compared to the latest offerings from Nvidia and ATI. My personal opinion I would buy a 6600 AGP if they can be found and for lower price point compared to the GT model.
The V8 is a much better video card than the MX 460, in fact all the MX models never supported Pixel Shaders, which is why some newer games don’t support the MX cards anymore like NFSU2?
My V8 runs NFSU1 very well… NFSU2 runs OK? missing lots of functions in NFSU2. Runs most all EA games/sports very well.
The V8 mostly has problems with newer titles or big name titles like Doom3, HalfLife 2, FarCry etc. They can be playable but you have to either run very low resolution or turn off many effects within the game.
What is the Motherboard/CPU in your brothers PC?

TC answer:
I think too that die V8 will work well and without big problems!
My brother has an Intel Pentium 4 Processor with 2,53 GHz and 512MB Ram.
The mainboard is a ASRock P4VT8+ with newest BIOS version ( 1.6 ).
An 6600er or 6600GT is no alternative, because my brother is at every time chronicle broke and without any liquid assets! Blah
An MX 460 is only a DX 7 graphic card and its performance is so lala! I will make benches by 3d mark 2001SE and post it here! Than we can look, witch is better an how much it is! Nod
Now are a XGI Beta driver is available, I’ve read at an other tread, so I think that die next official driver is not far away and brings better performance / less problems.
But now I go sleeping! Oh 5 o’clock Whatever2

A: wera Junior Member
Sounds like a motherboard problem..if it will not run stable with an ati card.

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