XGI Launches Volari Z11

XGI has launched their new embedded graphics chipset for multimedia applications, the Volari™ Z11. The Volari™ Z11 graphics processor was designed for specialized market applications including servers and dual display systems.
Volari™ Z11 is an ultra low powered graphics chipset with total power consumption at around 2 W. It is capable in providing Dual-VGA display output upto 1600×1200(Mirror Mode Only). With DVO interface, developers could easily find a transmitter to support TMDS and LVDS output.

Key Features :
- Supports PCIe 1X standard Revision 1.1 compliant
- High Performance 2D Accelerator
- Z11 Supports 16bit DDR2 DRAM data bus
- Supports 230 MHz pixel clock
- Supports graphics mode up to 1600×1200
- Supports 12-bit, 18-bit, 24-bit and dual 12-bit digital interface
- Digital interface to an external LVDS/TMDS transmitter
- Digital interface (DVO) to KVM for remote panel interface
- 256-balls, 19mm x 19mm BGA package, ball pitch 1.0mm

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