Embedded Solutions Seminar in Korea

Taipei, April 21st, 2006—Silicon Integrated Systems Corp. (SiS) today announces that SiS will co-work with its Korean local distributor, Helbon (HELBON ELECTRONICS CO.,LTD.), hold a seminar today in Seoul, Korea to promote its multiple embedded solutions to the Korean market. Several important partners of SiS, including AMD (Advanced Micro Devices, Inc), Phoenix (Phoenix Technologies LTD.), and XGI (XGI Technology Inc.), will also join this seminar and share their latest information about embedded systems with all the attendee of this seminar.

The Korean IT industry has continuously dedicated in embedded system technology, which is the reason why SiS and Helbon decided to launch this seminar in Korea. By means of holding this seminar, SiS will be able to meet more local Korean embedded system customers and directly communicate with them to build stronger connection between each other. Moreover, since the IP-STB solution and HDTV-related application are becoming two important subjects of embedded technology nowadays, this seminar will surely take these two subjects as the key theme for discussion.

To reveal SiS’ continuous effort on developing the embedded solutions, two major SiS’ latest solutions will be demonstrated in the seminar: the SiS741CX platform and the SiS761CX platform. The SiS741CX platform is named Eagle II platform, which is developed by SiS and AMD. The Eagle II platform contains SiS741CX embedded chipset and AMD Geode NX processors, and it will be displayed as an IP-STB system in the seminar. On the other hand, the SiS761CX platform is an advanced embedded system which is based on SiS761CX embedded chipset and AMD64 processors. The SiS761CX platform will demonstrate its HDTV function in the seminar.

Taking the opportunity of holding this seminar, SiS hopes to present the local Korean market and customers the latest embedded solutions and related technologies. “SiS has complete product line of embedded systems.” Daniel Chen, President and CEO of SiS said, “By holding this seminar, SiS would like to promote our great solutions to all the local Korean customers, and eventually, will be able to endeavor with the Korean customers to create brighter perspective to the embedded system industry.”

About Helbon
Helbon is a professional distributor of semiconductor product since May, 1990.

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